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Virtual console wad files - /files/Wii Apps/- Virtual Console -/NTSC Games .wad files)/ . [To Parent Directory] 7/19/ PM - WiiWare - 7/19/ PM. - /files/Wii Apps/- Virtual Console -/NTSC Games .wad files )/_GENESIS_/. [To Parent Directory] 12/20/ PM Alien. I think i am quite late, but here is a whole collection of WADS for the wii and vWii a day or two ago. password for all files is ' AlvRo'

The premier repository of rare Wii and GameCube files! to install on your Wii here. We have a complete collection of WiiWare and Virtual Console games. I understand that installing Virtual Console games is as easy as installing their wad file; once this is done, and I have their channel on my Wii. Archivos de los juegos de consola virtual, utilizar unicamente si han pagado por ellos, sino infringir√°n leyes. Estos archivos se instalan con.

Super Mario Bros. 3 NES · Nintendo / Nintendo EAD. 23rd Oct (JPN); 12th Feb (NA); 29th Aug (UK/EU); 5th Nov (NA); 9th Nov VC Wads. Page history last edited by Jogait 6 years, 4 months ago. To see Virtual Console ***You can download all the WiiWare/Virtual Console games via this link: GBC files cannot be injected as they are not programmed to run on a Wii. Unfortunately, WAD files are often used to distribute pirated channels (both Virtual Console and WiiWare), due to the fact that they are also.